It’s a perfect day and we’re looking forward to a perfect summer here in Plainfield.  The sheep and their lambs are in the pasture contentedly grazing on the lush grass.  The chickens are in the barnyard scratching and laying their beautiful eggs for us to use for your breakfast.   And the owls were chatting into the night last night.  We have a full house and the Adirondack chairs are beckoning for everyone to stop, sit, and enjoy the view and the gentle breeze from across the valley.

We so enjoy this time of year and are hoping that if you’re reading this you’ve already made plans to visit, or will.  We consider ourselves so very fortunate to live in Vermont and in this especially beautiful location.  We take delight in how pleased our guests are upon arrival and taking in the view from their room.  And now we’re going out to answer the call of the Adirondack.    Please join us!   Ross and Warren