The cooler weather and shorter days, foreshadowing the winter months ahead, is offset for me by the anticipation of the fall foliage display Vermont puts on each year.  I like those fall walks that never fail to transport me back to my childhood, scuffing through the fallen leaves, the never forgotten sound, and the never forgotten smell.  I like needing to put on a sweater and that I now enjoy the sun on my back.   I like the excitement I experience here at the B&B anticipating the arrival of guests from New England and across the globe.    I like that, just as the mountains are transformed by nature’s colorful display so, too, is the Comstock House by our wonderful, colorful guests.  Like my sweater and the gentler fall sun, they bring warmth to the house, and to my life.   For all these reasons and more, I like fall here at the Comstock House.